Why iPhone Gets Hot When Charging? – A Quick Hack Guide

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The instant queries of “iphone overheating when charging” is quite common these days, especially after the launch of iOS 15 updates. 

If you’re an iPhone user, and love to spend time using different applications over your smartphone then, you must have faced the iphone overheating issue while charging. 

Usually students, or even young professionals, put their iPhone on charge and then start working , whereas, after a few minutes maybe 10 – they start facing an overheating that ruins their entire mood of using the smartphone. 

To cover all the issues, and let you know the core reasons behind it – we’re going to discuss why the iphone gets hot when charging based on some real time data analysis, and stats. 

Are you ready to explore it with us? 

But, wait!! Before we jump into the main topic let’s first learn about some interesting facts about the iPhone and its total usage in the world. 

The Global Usage of iPhone

According to statista, most of the iPhone’s success is totally credited to Apple’s core ability to deliver a seamless yet user-centric interface without any lagging issue. It’s been giving competition to Android phone users for a very long time, and now it’s the right time for the adults to invest in these phones and use it for an ever-lasting experience. 

More than 80% of the total population uses smartphones, and half of them are using iPhone or if we dig more into the stats then, you will be amazed to know that mostly people own an iPhone but the issue of charging makes their lives miserable.

According to statista, last year in 2023, iPhone Apple ‘s iPhone generated more than 43.81 billion US dollars in total revenue sales, which is HUGE!

As we are now done with the statistics, let’s start the discussion where we are going to list down the reasons why your iPhone gets hot while charging. 

Interesting Reasons Why iPhone Gets Really Hot When Charging

In this section, we are going to discuss some of the most interesting reasons why iPhone gets hot while charging and if you wish to keep your phone perfectly fine then, try to observe these practices which we’re going to discuss below, and see the results yourself. 

  • Excessive Usage of the iPhone 

If you see your iPhone, you will see a “total usage” option that indicates the timing you’ve invested in your phone, and what were the applications that were being used. 

Anyhow, if you use your iPhone more than it’s expected time like – 22 hours straight without charging and especially if you access YouTube, or different streaming applications with high brightness then, there are 95% chances of the iPhone getting hot when charging.

Not just this, if you keep your phone on charge and still access all of these streaming sites then, your phone will start heating up, which is again a big issue!

Even if you have heavy processing tasks like video game playing or downloading heavy applications then, your iPhone will start getting hot and this is actually very problematic.

Best way out – Minimize your excessive usage, and keep your iPhone on side while charging if you don’t want it to get hot while charging.

  •  Overnight Software Updates

If you’re a regular iPhone user then, you must have seen different updates notification while you use your iPhone. Hence, these queries are quite normal “iPhone 13 gets hot when charging or even the latest one “iPhone 14 gets hot when charging

Hence, whenever you put your phone on updates, you will see a notification that will indicate that the phone should be charged while you put it on, hence, that is the time when your phone will get hot. 

Therefore, the best way out is to wait for the iPhone to complete its background tasks, and then put it aside for charging and then put it on updates. You can not control the heating while putting your iPhone on updates.

  • Heavy Data Usage- (3G Coverage)

If you don’t use Wireless Network that is WiFi then, there are certain chances that your iPhone will get hot as 3G makes the phone hotter than usual.

You might face poor signals, and your iPhone will strive to do all the necessary steps to maintain a good connection to allow you to use all the networking applications like Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter. Not even this your iphone gets hot when wireless charging is done, that is again a big issue. In order to face and cover up these issues the best way out is to avoid heavy data usage, and keep your iPhone usage a bit minimal in order to deal with a more performance oriented iPhone.

You can even move to 4K mode, and opt for WiFi in order to maintain connection and seamless user behavior.

  • Application Manufacturing Issues

The next concern that we usually get from the users on Reddit or even Quora is “Why does my iPhone overheat when I charge it?” or “why my iPhone get hot while I am using different applications?”

We’ve covered you, and given you the reasons why your iPhone gets hot. There are different applications that consume a lot of power, more than your expectations and the usual applications.

Hence, it’s not a bug of your iPhone but the applications that are installed causing the iPhone to get hot, and show unnecessary power shortage issues.

The best way out is to delete those applications, so you won’t face this issue “why is my iphone hot”. 

  • Your Charger Might Be Of Lower Watts

If you’re facing an iPhone overheating when charging then there are chances that your iPhone charger is not of the right quality, and doesn’t meet the AC to DC conversion that is necessary to charge your iPhone. 

You can not charge an iPhone 14 with an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 charger because after some time, your phone will start heating over and over again. Even the aging of the battery will also increase.

Charger issues cause the iPhone to get really hot while charging, and you will face issues like, hot phone, slowing of the application or even the battery aging. 

The best way out is to get a high quality iPhone that shares the same level of proficiency as a original charger, and if you still face some relative concerns, then try to connect with Apple store officials.

  • Metal-Based iPhone Cases

And yes, you read it right, if you choose a wrongly manufactured iPhone case cover then there are chances that your iPhone will get hot, and you will face different issues like battery instant aging, and charging issues.

Whether you know this or not, an iPhone exhibits heat in the surroundings while the users are using it, and if you add a metal-based iPhone case cover to the back then, there are certain chances that your iPhone will get hot, and the heat will make your use a headache.

The best way out is to purchase a plastic cover or jelly cover that doesn’t multiply the heat of the iPhone into a faster one.

  • Damaged Battery Health Also Makes iPhone Get Really Hot

Lastly, we have the damaged battery health concern of the iPhone that makes the iPhone get really hot out of nowhere.

Yes, you read it right. Whenever you purchase an iPhone, ensure that it has a 90+ battery health. If not, then stay aware of the fact that your iPhone will get hot after some time. 

Mostly, if the iPhone has battery issues then, there are certain chances that if you purchase an iPhone from a reseller then the battery health will be lower than the benchmark causing the iPhone getting hot issues.

The best way out is to keep a check on the battery health, and whenever you see that it’s going beyond the expected ratio then, visit the nearby Apple store for a definite solution.

Why iPhone Gets Hot When Charging – Got The Solution?

And we are done with the discussion. We have tried to cover all the necessary scenario that causes your iPhone get really hot out of nowhere, and the ways by through which you can solve these issues up.

You can:

  • Minimize your usage
  • Download less power-using application
  • Keep the battery health monitored till it reaches 75% because then, it require a quick repair or replacement from Apple official
  • Check if the iPhone is working properly, if not, then connect with nearby Apple store
  • Check if the charger is of finest quality, otherwise you will face the consequences

Lastly, don’t try to put your iPhone in the deep freezer because that won’t result in anything but a loss of $700 or more that is Huge!

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