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Are you alone, and facing home sickness? Do you face stage fright, and have low confidence issues?

No worries, there is an application that will make it easier for you to search, and make new friends. Wizz is an online platform that allows people to chat and connect with others who share a similar interest.

You can search, add, and talk to people – eventually making them your friends. But, Wizz is not the only application available in the market or play store.

There are different apps like Wizz that have gained global popularity due to their amazing features and functionalities.

It’s a daunting task to find the most ideal app like Wizz because for that you need to download and read through the functionalities of almost all the applications.

Hence, in this blog, to help you out, we have managed to discuss 15 apps like Wizz – making your experience worth it!

But before we jump into the detailed discussion of apps like Wizz, let’s first learn about the core features of Wizz’s applications.

What is a Wizz Application?

Wizz is an online platform that is used for spontaneous and instant conversations with people from anywhere in the world. You can experience the thrill of talking with people who share a similar mindset like you.

With more than 10 million downloads, the Wizz community is growing every other day and people are signing up for it instantly.

According to similarweb, Wizz’s application has a 3.9 rating on Google Play Store, and ranked in 919 positions globally. Most people use this application for socializing.

Anyhow, as we are now done with the basics, let’s start discussing apps like Wizz, already in the market.

Top 15 Apps like Wizz One Should Know

In this section, we are going to discuss different applications like Wizz, sharing similar features like online chat room registration, chatting, and making new friends.

1.    Tinder – All-In One Chatting Application

Another app like Wizz is Tinder, that is hands down one of the best applications when it comes to creating new friends, and chatting with them all in one.

It has a lot of amazing features like adding new friends, viewing their profiles, and photos. Also, you can chat with them online without sharing your personal details.

Tinder is widely used for dating, and is considered a dating application in the United States. You can consider it as a competitor of the Wizz application.

2.    OkCupid – Best Free Dating Application

OkCupid is the first app like Wizz which we’re going to discuss. It’s an online dating application that allows you to search and match with people sharing similar interests. You can download it today, and make new friends without any issue!

It’s an US based application, operating worldwide and is registered as a social networking website on different forums. The best part is, it asks different questions from the user to give them their best match.

3.    Hinge – Connecting With People Made Easier

Hinge is an app like Tinder that allows you to connect with your Facebook friends, and their friends of friends. You can introduce yourself on the platform, and build a good bond with them.

Moreover, it’s a dating application that works with a simple mechanism. You can easily swipe, and match with your best fit just like Tinder.

It’s based on a simple algorithm, it will give you potential users that match your location, and interest. You can respond to them, and connect if required otherwise, swipe for someone else.

4.    MeetMe – Another Alternative To Wizz’s Application

MeetMe is an app like Wizz that allows you to find new people who’re near to your location, and share similar interests as you. You can chat with them, and connect with them online through the application.

It’s a fun-loving experience for those who love to make new friends. There are more than 100+ new subscribers to the application, and the list is going on..

MeetMe is one of the best apps like Wizz for android devices. The application uses GPS to get the instant location of users, and allows them to meet new people just like Tinder.

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5.    Snapchat – Meeting New Friends Made Easier

On the fifth we have Snapchat, which is another app like Wizz with some advanced features like photos sharing, using different filters, and video chatting with the users.

You can send photos to your friends, and create snap streaks with them. Youngsters are mostly seen using this feature and going crazy after it.

Apart from Instagram, it comes next due to its amazing features, options, and filters. You can easily download Snapchat from Google Play Store or iOS App Store without any hassle.

6.    BeFriend – Make New Friends & Connect With Them

The next app like Wizz is Befriend that shares the similar functionalities as Wizz’s application. You can swipe through profiles like Tinder, and search for new people that are nearby to your location.

Once you like a profile, swipe right and become friends with those. Search for friends who share similar interests, chat with them, and create a bond like never before.

It’s more than just a dating application, and is downloaded by teens and adults mostly. Hence, download the application now, and embark on a new journey of innovation.

7.    Wink – Video-Enhancing Tool

Wink is an app like Wizz that helps you to customize your search and find new friends as per your location.

Hence, whether it’s for friendship, dating, handouts, or a casual fling – Wink’s application is there to the rescue!

You can find what you’ve been looking for through this application. Once you add a friend, you can chat with them and meet in the future, too!

Wink’s applications are all about making new connections, chatting with them, and exploring new people within your area.

8.    Yubo – App like Wizz

Yubo is a French social networking application similar to Wizz that was developed by the Twelve Application in the year 2015.

It’s designed specifically to meet new people, and create a community of those who share similar interests.

Yubo has a total of 60 million active users, and that number is increasing every other day.

Best part of the application is, you can meet new people, and have live parties with them to chill, and enjoy a good time.

9.    Hoop – Make New Friends Online

Hoop is one of the best apps like wizz that is all about expanding your social circle, and making new friends online just like Tinder.

This application has a lot of amazing features like connecting with new people nearby your location, chatting with them, and doing video calls – if necessary.

You can send friend requests to people who’re like-minded, and chat with them anytime.

10. Vibe – Social Networking Application

Vibe is an app just like Wizz, used by adults all over the world for making new friends just like Tinder.

It’s an online social networking application used for finding Snapchat friends. You can share moments with your friends through Snapchat. Vibe has around 4.0 ratings, 9.2K reviews, and 100K+ downloads.

11. Renz – Easy Way To Make new Friends

Renz is another app like Wizz that allows you to make new friends who share similar interests, and passions like you.

Have fun, make friends, and chat with them online without sharing your personal details! Sounds interesting, no?

It’s a social networking application that encourages users to connect with each other, and build long-lasting friendships. Renz has 4.1K ratings, 289 reviews, and 10k+ downloads globally.

12. Bumble – Online Dating Application

Bumble is an online dating and networking application just like Wizz. It was launched in the year 2014, and allows users to search for people who share similar interests. You can search for different people and swipe left or right for a candidate whom you think is the right choice for you.


Hence, if you wish to make new friends online who share the similar location as you then, download Bumble today!

It has changed the way people used to interact with each other, and helps you create a meaningful relationship with your friends!

13. Peekaboo – Social Networking Platform

Another app like Wizz is Peekaboo, which is a social networking platform that allows you to make new friends. You can discover and connect with new friends who share similar interests and passions.

It has 4.3 ratings, and 688K reviews, along with 100K+ downloads. Hence, it’s an amazing application and a great place for connecting with people.

14. Purp – Another App Like Wizz

Purp is another app like Wizz that is designed to make new friends with similar likes and dislikes. It’s an incredible application that creates a platform for users to search, connect, and talk to new friends.

Just like Wizz, it’s downloaded by different people worldwide. It has a 4.3 rating, 31.2K reviews, and 1M+ downloads.

15. MiraMi – Best App Like Wizz

Lastly, we have MiraMi, which is another app like Wizz. It’s an amazing place where you can meet with new girls (if you’re a boy) and meet with boys (if you’re a girl). It’s a web-based alternative to Wizz.

Moreover, if you’re more towards web-based desktop platforms then, MiraMi is the best app for you.

Wrapping Up

In this blog, we tried to mention all the apps like Wizz that share similar features and functionalities. Whether it’s related to house rentals, new friends making, or ride sharing – there are applications available for everything. Anyhow, these were the best apps like Wizz that have made everything easier for you. You can search, like, and chat with anyone.


1.    Does the Wizz app cost money?

It’s available for FREE! It’s a safe option, and you don’t have to worry about your personal data because it’s available for free. We always take your safety as the best concern and try to keep the data protected.

2.    When was the Wizz app created?

Wizz is a social networking application where you can connect with new people and chat with them. It was developed in 2022 by VLB. It has similar features to dating applications, like you can swipe, select, and chat with anyone.

3.    Is dating a Wizz app?

Wizz is designed to “meet new people” and “make them friends” – somehow, it’s similar to a dating application.

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